Friday, August 19, 2011

Ye or Nay?

This could go either way. It probably all boils down to how one wears it and how it's accessorised here I present Meta's latest Ye or Nay?

The Meta Dot Tulle A-line Dress (in pink, navy and cream)

The navy blue doesn't look half-bad and I'm always for the brands to come out with a-typical lolita dresses that isn't the standard cupcake form. However, the pink colourway is just so...shiny while the waist ribbon looks like it was last year's Christmas tree decoration. Not to mention, only those with slender arms could possibly carry off that sleeveless shift look. The dot tulle material, upclose, is pretty though but overall....more nay than ye for me...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Buyers Beware! And Dropped-Waist Dresses

I just had a buyer on egl_comm_sales who backed out of a sale after an invoice had been sent out already. It's going to be a rather 'duh' thing to say but yes, I HATE it when that happens. No matter how you state it, sideways, upways, in bold, in colour, in caps, on one's sales post to please not back out once an agreement to buy is set, there's always that one person who will tell you 'oh I changed my mind, sorry, la-di-da!'.

And in this case, the buyer or non-buyer, had the gall to tell me, 'oh I changed my mind. I decided the dress is too maid-o for me, la-di-da'. Hello? Photos of the dress in question was in plentiful supply on the sales post. Shouldn't you have thought about that aspect before you decided to tell me you love the dress and you must have it and please invoice me? Gah.

I'm sorry if I might offend anyone who thinks that the buyer is always right but heck no! As a buyer, it's one's responsiblity to ensure all the terms in the sale is agreeable first before deciding to purchase. Unless it's extenuating circumstances that requires a buyer to back out (and I don't accept changing one's mind due to buyer's regret or deciding it's too maid-o as legitimate excuses), then the buyer has an obligation to uphold her end of the sale by paying for the merchandise.

Sighs. I apologise again for ranting on about this here. Please feel free to skip through it. In the big scheme of things, a buyer who backs out is nothing too important or even unusual. It's just so...annoying! lol!

In other news, I am so totally in love with Meta's new dropped-waist dress.

I adore drop-waist dresses. They're so reminiscent of Victorian-era childrens' fashions. Just something very aesthetically pleasing, not to mention, a flattering fit as well, about them to my eye. If I could be sure this dress would fit me, I'll buy it in an instant!