Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Princess Syndrome or Disease

Happy 2012, everyone!

I make it a point to never make resolutions for because I know I'll end up not fulfilling any in the end, lol.

Let's hope 2012 will turn out to be a lolitastic (cue groans) year!

This little vid came to my attention via Steph of Moar Lace Please and it's definitely a feel good, fluffy and not to be taken seriously song as you have Jay Chou in a fuschia pink ruffled shirt strumming away. Jay Chou is arguably one of the hottest Chinese singers right now to come out of Taiwan and Western viewers might know him as Kato from the recent 'The Green Hornet' film. And that was a terrible movie btw but I guess mindlessly fun in its own way...

Literally translated, the song title is called 'Princess Sickness'. Although in some versions, the title becomes 'Princess Syndrome' to make it sound more platatable and less diseased-stricken, hur. I think a more proper translation would be 'Princess Complex' since the song is about a guy trying to please a super girly girl (like I said, fluff).

Watch the music vid as the girly girl or girls in question are wearing lolita dresses! Well, the dresses are rather short but I ascribe that to the height of the girly girls wearing them. I'm pretty sure the first girly girl is in Angelic Pretty's Country of Sweets sans blouse. The second girly girl, I think, is in an Atelier Pierrot OP. The third girly girl, in the white dress, is also in Atelier Pierrot? If you think otherwise, comment! I'll love to hear where you think their dresses are from. Or even on the MTV video itself!

Ah, after making this post, the vid has been posted up on the EGL LJ comm and there's a pretty lively discussion going on about this so have a read if you're so inclined: