Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indies Brand - dolce piu amabile

After doing a quick google translate, I discovered dolce piu amabile means '更加甜甜蜜蜜' in Chinese. And in turn, in English, that means 'even sweeter'. Lol! That tickles me because I am, sadly, easily amused.

dolce piu amabile is an indies brand that I discovered today by accident. While randomly surfing, I had come across this photo:

Instantly intrigued by the dresses being modeled by the Kokusyoku Sumire duo, and I am a sucker for smock dresses, so I did more digging and found they're from dolce piu amabile

This particular dress is no longer on sale, alas! I really do have a habit of stumbling across dresses, loving them at first sight, and then finding out they're sold out already.

There's quite a few indies brands out there and once their items are sold, it's probably nigh impossible to find them again on the secondhand market. Dresses from indies brands doesn't come cheap and can be, if not, even more expensive than your 'regular' loli brands. If you like the idea of having something unique as probably only one or two pieces would be made of each design, indies is the way to go! Not to mention, indies loli dresses sometimes can think out of the box in terms of style and design and present something quite unusual but still recognizably loli.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Giveaway Result!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Tea-Tray in the Sky's second giveaway! I know I'm going to say practically almost the same thing I'd said during the first giveaway, but I really enjoyed reading everyone's comments and suggestions for the 3 outfits.

Using a random number generator, I'm happy to announce that the winner of this round's giveaway is.......

And the winner is comment no. 15, Katzu! Congratulations!

Once more, thanks to everyone for joining in the giveaway!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tea-Tray in the Sky's Second Giveaway!

After more than a year in existence and some shaky moments at the beginning of the year, Tea-Tray in the Sky finally has a new banner + layout! The banner is done by my talented friend, Ivory, who kindly agreed to design one for Tea-Tray in the Sky since I have no designing abilities whatsoever to save my life. The photos in the banner are actually an Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot I shot way back in 2010 and Alice is modeled by none other than Ivory herself.

So in commemoration of a new banner and design, Tea-Tray in the Sky is hosting its second blog giveaway! I hadn't realized my first giveaway had been over a year. Definitely time for a second one.

And the giveaway is a pair of brand-new Tutuanna green lace socks.

Giveaway Guidelines

* I have an upcoming lolita meet (lolita-mori inspired fashion is allowed) and 'test-drived' three potential outfits.  Leave a comment which outfit is your favorite, that you think I should wear to the meet, and why (you can click on the photos to enlarge if needed).

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

* Deadline for the giveaway is 13 May, 9.00pm (local Singapore time).

* A winner will be chosen at random so there is no wrong or right comment! I'm just interested to know what people think of my lolita/mori sartorial choices =)

* The winner's name will be announced on the same day so please come back and check if you are the one!

* I will request the winner to contact me with her address.

* The socks will be sent via registered airmail and postage fees will be borne by me.


That's it! Hope everyone have fun posting!