Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More sales!

I feel like this is EGL sales announcement month! I will come back with more content, I promise, lol.

This time round, Innocent World has some items on sale right now. It's not a full-out sale listed on its sales page (which is still empty if you click on it) but if you go to their shopping index page, you can see a few items that are on 30% off the usual price. At present, there's two jsks, two skirts and three shirts on sale.

And one of the items on sale is this bordeaux skirt:

I love Innocent World's bordeaux items! They're always such a lovely, deep and understated shade of red.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Sale Season

...is upon us! And this is both an exciting and agonising time for me, lol.

Innocent World kick-started it with their Lucky Packs and Metamophose is having their Summer Lucky Packs as well, which starts today. A quick check says the Meta LPs aren't available yet. So keep checking if you've been wanting to get one!

http://www.u-u-u.jp/SCART5/eindex.cgi?id=132e2118&w2=2 - Link to the Meta LPs

For larger size girls who are worried about whether the items in the LPs would fit, I would recommend getting the 10,000yen LP as the skirt included in the pack would have, in all likelihood, a stretchable waistband. I've bought both the 10,000 and 15,000yen Meta LPs early this year and while the jsk in the 15,000yen pack did fit me, it was a tight fit and I didn't feel or look comfortable in it.

But the Summer 15,000yen LP from Meta does have an example of a fully-shirred jsk listed so there's always the possiblity of getting one such item...but that's the fun about getting a LP! Part of the enjoyment is the anticipation of not knowing and hoping, heh.

Just a note that Meta would likely be having their summer online sales after the LPs. So if you prefer actually knowing what you're getting, take a chance and wait for the sale to start instead.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Public Announcement!

I think most people in the lolita community would know about this already but in case if someone still hasn't...

Lucky Packs back at Innocent World!

Innocent World lucky packs comes in two versions, A & B. They're pricey even by brand lucky pack standards but it would seem most of the items included in IW packs are quite worth the price you pay. Beware though, Innocent World sizes tend to run to small and medium. Even their L size are on the larger side of medium at best.

 At present, Lucky Pack A has few left so if you've been wanting to perk up with loli wardrobe with more IW items and you're sure you can fit IW sizing, this could be a fantastic buy!

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Gramm Dress on International Loli Day

I didn't do anything for International Loli Day last Saturday. Actually...I completely forgot about it *blush* Of course one doesn't need International Loli Day to celebrate lolidom but it's nice to have a special day set aside for just wearing loli, being with like-minded friends and having an outing together to some pretty, pretty place.

While I didn't do anything special for ILD, however, I did receive a package last Saturday and it was my new Gramm dress! There's a backstory to this Gramm dress, I might mention, lol. It all began with the h.Naoto online sale that happened at the beginning of the year which was another epic saga unto itself. I shan't go into too much details but the Gramm dress was something I fell instantly in love with when I saw it at the sale. It was sold out almost immediately during the sale period and I had much gnashing of teeth when it was.

To my surprise, the same dress was re-listed (but at full price now) two weeks ago on S-inc! My heart was much pained to pay full price for the dress when I had seen it on sale but I like the dress too much to let it go a second time. So I contacted chibi_tenshi's shopping service (a fantastic shopping service btw) and the dress was purchased on the same day I sent a request. And shipped out the very next week.

And it arrived on International Lolita Day 2011, most fortuitously.

Definitely, the dress needs a good ironing! And the collar is sitting a bit oddly as it's detachable and I didn't place it properly when taking the photo, lol.

And when pressed and ironed, it shall look more like this:

And the dress fits nicely and also, so comfortable to wear. Just one of things that endears me to Gramm!