Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Sale Season upon us! And this is both an exciting and agonising time for me, lol.

Innocent World kick-started it with their Lucky Packs and Metamophose is having their Summer Lucky Packs as well, which starts today. A quick check says the Meta LPs aren't available yet. So keep checking if you've been wanting to get one! - Link to the Meta LPs

For larger size girls who are worried about whether the items in the LPs would fit, I would recommend getting the 10,000yen LP as the skirt included in the pack would have, in all likelihood, a stretchable waistband. I've bought both the 10,000 and 15,000yen Meta LPs early this year and while the jsk in the 15,000yen pack did fit me, it was a tight fit and I didn't feel or look comfortable in it.

But the Summer 15,000yen LP from Meta does have an example of a fully-shirred jsk listed so there's always the possiblity of getting one such item...but that's the fun about getting a LP! Part of the enjoyment is the anticipation of not knowing and hoping, heh.

Just a note that Meta would likely be having their summer online sales after the LPs. So if you prefer actually knowing what you're getting, take a chance and wait for the sale to start instead.

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