Monday, June 6, 2011

New Gramm Dress on International Loli Day

I didn't do anything for International Loli Day last Saturday. Actually...I completely forgot about it *blush* Of course one doesn't need International Loli Day to celebrate lolidom but it's nice to have a special day set aside for just wearing loli, being with like-minded friends and having an outing together to some pretty, pretty place.

While I didn't do anything special for ILD, however, I did receive a package last Saturday and it was my new Gramm dress! There's a backstory to this Gramm dress, I might mention, lol. It all began with the h.Naoto online sale that happened at the beginning of the year which was another epic saga unto itself. I shan't go into too much details but the Gramm dress was something I fell instantly in love with when I saw it at the sale. It was sold out almost immediately during the sale period and I had much gnashing of teeth when it was.

To my surprise, the same dress was re-listed (but at full price now) two weeks ago on S-inc! My heart was much pained to pay full price for the dress when I had seen it on sale but I like the dress too much to let it go a second time. So I contacted chibi_tenshi's shopping service (a fantastic shopping service btw) and the dress was purchased on the same day I sent a request. And shipped out the very next week.

And it arrived on International Lolita Day 2011, most fortuitously.

Definitely, the dress needs a good ironing! And the collar is sitting a bit oddly as it's detachable and I didn't place it properly when taking the photo, lol.

And when pressed and ironed, it shall look more like this:

And the dress fits nicely and also, so comfortable to wear. Just one of things that endears me to Gramm!

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  1. Oooo what an interesting looking dress. I am looking forward to seeing it worn.