Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Library Find

I've been a regular library goer ever since I was old enough to be let loose on my own to the outside world. When I would be playing hooky from school, I wouldn't be hanging out in the malls or shopping centres, no, I would be found at the library usually. So yes, truancy is bad, bad, bad but I tried to negate it by doing something literary on the sly at least?

So here's my latest find from the library that caused me to emit a loud squeak of delight when I saw it on the shelf, still wonderfully new and fresh and barely borrowed by previous readers!

Alice in Zombieland!!

I'm still reading the book but how can I not instantly love the concept of combining one of my favorite books with one of my beloved genres. Yes, I'm a unabashed zombie lover, especially in films. Something about a post-apocalyptic world, overrun with flesh-eating undead and a bunch of survivors fighting to hold off the former really just appeals to my sensibilities. With regards to 'Alice in Zombieland', it basically merges Lewis Carroll's original prose with...ZOMBIES.

I CAN HAZ BRAINS, says Alice, as she wanders through a Wonderland filled with rotting, shuffling denizens while trying to decipher why is she just so hungry...