Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A random holiday post with Regency Lolita thrown in

It's confirmed! Air ticket bought, hotels booked, begged a leave period from my boss at work, and I'm heeeeeading down to England in Sept! Specifically, I'm going to attend the annual Jane Austen Festival held at Bath, as it's something I've always wanted to do. I've been saying and saying I want to attend the Festival for ages but side-trips to Tokyo has distracted me for the past few years =X But finally, Jane Austen Festival, here I come!

One of the grand highlights of the week-long Jane Austen Festival is the Promenade Walk where attendees are encouraged to wear period authentic garb and this is something I'm especially looking forward as I do plan to wear a Regency outfit for it too (in the midst of planning said outfit!).

Before I got into lolita fashion, I was interested, and still am, in vintage and historical costumes. My especial favourite eras were the Regency, late Victorian and Edwardian periods. In a sense, perhaps that's partly why I became immersed in lolita fashion as well, a natural progression? Lol! I do love Victorian influences on lolita fashion.

Besides Bath, I'll be spending a few days in London and am also considering taking the Eurostar for a day trip to Paris since I've never been to France before. If that happens, maybe I'll visit the Paris Baby store, just for fun!

And to make this post less random, I've mentioned going to wear a Regency outfit for the Festival's Promenade Walk. While I'm not planning on a Regency Lolita outfit, I did do a search out of curiosity and found this drawing by Primabanana's al·leg·ed·ly who does managed to mix the two genres wonderfully!

Regency Lolita!

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