Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No socks please, we're in our 30s

This self-taken outfit photo using a friend's iphone is so bad that I'm embarrassed to put it up. BUT it is the only photo of my coordi from last Saturday's loli get-together so here it is:

Just a simple summer coordi, really! Meta's Wonder Silhouette OP and a pink cardi with no socks *gasp* The older I get, the more unfond I seem to get of socks paired with a loli coordi...while I do know they're an integral part of a complete loli look, I tend to eschew them in favour of a more mature-centric loli ensemble nowadays. I'm not sure if I can be 40 and still carry off knee socks then, frankly!

For the loli meet, we went to Chris' Tea House, an off-the-beaten track little place situated in the heartlands. It could be they are trying to cultivate a quiet and condusive atmosphere for tea-lovers as no photography was allowed (we only found out this no photos rule when we arrived). No kids under 6 or so allowed too in the cafe! I did like the ambience and decor of the place but not so much on the service which bordered on incompetent for the staff who served us most of the time we were here.

Photos taken from the cafe's Facebook page

As you can see from the pics, it does seem quite inviting and a nice place to chat with friends. A plus point is they have pretty tea-sets and excellent scones. Downside is the no photography rule and bleh service. And I would still visit the place though, probably just not in loli!

Oh and we took our coordi shots in the cafe's bathroom and ONLY in the bathroom as we're a law-abiding bunch of lolis, hurhur.

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