Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ramblings plus an As and When Alice photo

Sorry for the intermittent postings for the last few weeks! I don't want to be one of those one-hit loli blogs that one sees so often popping up and disappearing within a few months although I can understand why that happens. Real life just gets in the way A LOT plus it takes effort to write as well. And write interestingly and well.

For me, it's a lot of real life going on. I'm buying a new apartment that hasn't even been built yet. The apartment flat will be built and ready in about 3-4 years' time. While I'm looking forward to a new house one day, this means the spending budget will be tight as the cash downpayment for the new place needs to be settled soon. Hence, no new lolita purchases since a few months ago and for the next few months as well as I've been madly saving.

Between a new house and loli dresses, I would naturally prioritise the first without much thought into it! But ah, it was still a little hard though, to go through the summer sale period and not be purchasing one or two brand-new dresses on discount.

Besides the new house, the trip to UK is finally approaching! I fly off to merry olde England next Thursday. The UK trip will include a one-day trip to Paris and I'm still considering whether to make a visit to the Paris BtssB store for fun. I don't know if it's worth the effort though as I'm only doing a day trip and I've heard that the BtssB shop person isn't very welcoming to tourists (but this is hearsay and I really don't know the veracity of snooty Parisian shop people at Btssb).

And for London, I definitely want to be hitting Camden Town for the second-hand clothing shops!

I won't be bringing any loli to wear during the trip. I will be bringing a few Naoto Gramm dresses to wear but that's it. Mostly due to the fact that I'm actually rather nervous of drawing attention to myself in loli in London. I would be more confident of wearing loli in Tokyo since yes, I've done that before and not to mention, Japan is the birthplace of loli fashion, lol. But I'm leery of being a foreigner, wearing loli in a Western setting and therefore, the chance of drawing unwanted attention...

Anyway! To make up for pelting boring aspects of my life at you, here's another Alice in Wonderland inspired photoshoot! The photo showcases an Alice inspired dress from New York Couture, an online shop that specialises in one of a kind outfits. While not loli, they do have some rather cute dresses up on their collection page.

I  love how the 'I have cramps' model-esque pose is now associated with couture.

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