Monday, April 2, 2012

Back from Tokyo! With loot!

Well, not as much loot as I might have gotten if I didn't go with my mum! It's very hard to buy lolita when your mum's standing next to you with a critical eye and words, hur ^^ I managed though and got some dresses from Closet Child and one from Excentrique.

Here's a few pictures of the displays at OIOI, Shinjuku and LaForet, Harajuku, that I snuck with my cam. OIOI, LaForet and practically all the major departmental stores in Tokyo doesn't allow photos inside their premises. I've been stopped (nicely) by a sales staff at OIOI when I attempted to take the Moi Meme Moitie shop. I know folks have taken photos of the brands' shopfronts and gotten away with it but I decided to be law-abiding and not do it anymore, lol. But the mannequin displays outside the shops and on the different escalator levels of OIOI are more or less safe to take.

Metamorphose on top, Angelic Pretty below

Emily Temple Cute window display at OIOI. Rather liking the electric blue dress! 

Not a lolita brand per se, La Parfait. More gyaru style. 

 Also, not lolita or even a lolita kimono! But they're still gorgeous.

Metamorphose's new print, Card Playing Kitty, on display. It's a lot nicer in person! The blue colorway is the best, imho.

Angelic Pretty's Sugar Fairy Cake print. A bit too waitressy for my liking.

Lastly, Putumayo. Randomly, Putumayo shopgirls are always quite nice. Even if it's a pretense, they really look genuinely happy to see you! For hyper cuteness, that would be Liz Lisa shopgirls.

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