Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tea-Tray in the Sky's Second Giveaway!

After more than a year in existence and some shaky moments at the beginning of the year, Tea-Tray in the Sky finally has a new banner + layout! The banner is done by my talented friend, Ivory, who kindly agreed to design one for Tea-Tray in the Sky since I have no designing abilities whatsoever to save my life. The photos in the banner are actually an Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot I shot way back in 2010 and Alice is modeled by none other than Ivory herself.

So in commemoration of a new banner and design, Tea-Tray in the Sky is hosting its second blog giveaway! I hadn't realized my first giveaway had been over a year. Definitely time for a second one.

And the giveaway is a pair of brand-new Tutuanna green lace socks.

Giveaway Guidelines

* I have an upcoming lolita meet (lolita-mori inspired fashion is allowed) and 'test-drived' three potential outfits.  Leave a comment which outfit is your favorite, that you think I should wear to the meet, and why (you can click on the photos to enlarge if needed).

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

* Deadline for the giveaway is 13 May, 9.00pm (local Singapore time).

* A winner will be chosen at random so there is no wrong or right comment! I'm just interested to know what people think of my lolita/mori sartorial choices =)

* The winner's name will be announced on the same day so please come back and check if you are the one!

* I will request the winner to contact me with her address.

* The socks will be sent via registered airmail and postage fees will be borne by me.


That's it! Hope everyone have fun posting!


  1. The new layout is really beautiful!~

    I think the second outfit is the best ^^ The pink color suits you really well and altogether you look really adorable in that dress~

  2. the second outfit, as it suits you so well and I'm nsure you'll get loads of compliments. also it could be slightly more practical than long skirts flapping around your legs, but hey, that's just my opinion ^^

  3. Hello!

    My voice is for the 2nd outfit too!
    The 1st and 3rd are also good for you, but the 1st is more casual and the 3rd is absolutely mori.

    Also I think that your pink Meta dress is well with brown accessories too - for example, with brown shoes from the last photo.

  4. I would go for the 2nd outfit! The first one is very cute, but seems a bit casual and everyday for a meet, and the third, though AWESOME, is just mori and not lolita at all. The second would be most suitable, and it's super cute and spring-like as well!

  5. While I really love all Three (and am torn between two or three really). If three was just slightly shorter (say calf length) It would be an instant winner. The second outfit is more Lolita than mori (I feel three has the best mori feel, I'm not sure I really see anything mori about two). Your boots also seem to be lost in two, whereas your shoes in three match perfectly...

    I say leave the scarf and go with three!
    Maybe dress up the top with bows down the middle, or put some bows in your hair (white to match). Wear a strand of pearls and a soft pink floral ring. Just ideas really, I feel you should totally go with three!

  6. I think three is my favorite, you look lovely, but maybe for the meet, I'd prefer outfit one, it seems like it would be the most comfortable one,along with being very cute and girly. Keep rocking Mori, though 0_0

  7. I like outfit number @ best. i thinks it accentuates your shape and that color looks really nice.

  8. I have to say 3. It's fresh and light and airy.

  9. I really like outfit 3 best, but I think it's "just" mori and has no lolita influence. so I would choose outfit 1, it's really casual and looks really good on you. :)
    But if I were you and I want to create a lolita-mori look, I would mix all three outfits together. I would take dress 3 and layer it with JSK 2 with a light petti :) and the boot in the first picture. :) Just an idea.
    Have fun at the meet-up. <3

  10. I like number three best because although it is more Mori than lolita-inspired, the details on the white dress gives it a fresh and clean look.

  11. I love the second coordinate! It is super cute and I really like they way all the pink is coordinated together. This may also be due to my love for pink...haha! Still you look really cute in all three, I still really love the second the best!!!

  12. I love all 3 outfits but for a meetup I'd go for number one, but change the bag and add another skirt underneath for the mori look (^_^)

  13. I believe number one is the best. Just maybe try using a different bag in a neutral color and possibly different shoes. I say that one because it best represents the mori girl aesthetics without losing the lolita silhouette.

    I like the third the best but there is too much mori and not enough loli. You should definitely wear that outfit again, but it just wouldn't fit a lolita meetup.

  14. I think you look best in the second outfit!

    Not only does the pink seem to suit your complexion more than the plain beiege in the other two outfits, but the entire ensemble also emphasizes your waistline and elongates your legs. Also, it just looks very much like Spring. ;)

  15. Hello! :) Thank you for hosting this giveaway ^^

    I think the second outfit is the best! The dress just suits you so well, you look very pretty in it :) Number three seems somehow too mori to me ^^