Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sale Clearance! Everything Must GO! 50-30% OFF!

So summer sale season is in full swing! And I myself have just come from the Innocent World sale, which I caved in and bought 2 dresses, one being an impulse buy. The flesh is so very weak, unfortunately.

Here's a list of brands currently having online sales that I know of.

Innocent World - http://innocent-w.jp/shopping/sale_e.html
Metamorphose - http://metamorphose.ec.uncvr.com/1173/1157/1243/-2/-/-1/new/1
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/2012-online-summer-sale.html
Excentrique - http://excentrique.shop7.makeshop.jp/shopbrand/016/O/
Millefleurs- http://millefleurs-noirs.com/sale.html
Putumayo - http://www.putumayo-home.com/sale/index.html
MA/MAM - http://www.maxicimam.com/?mode=cate&cbid=564764&csid=0
HeartE - http://www.hearte.co.jp/product-list/61
Moi-meme-Moitie - http://moi-meme-moitie.shop-pro.jp/?mode=cate&cbid=721035&csid=0

*Angelic Pretty's online sale is still forthcoming.

Plus here are a few tips when confronting sale season. Do not follow my not-so-shining example of impulse buying.

  • If you can wait....WAIT. Some of the brands do have further reductions after the first or second week of their sales, especially for Metamorphose.
  • Do remember to check out the shipping charges, it might still push you over budget despite the sale price.
  • Also, don't forget to check measurements! Sometimes we can get blinded by the tag '50% off' (gawd knows I did) and forget to check if the dress on sale can actually fit or not.
  • And even brand dresses on sale can still be expensive. Check if that dress on sale is up on any auction sites or secondhand clothing stores first, if you don't mind secondhand items. The dress could be going for cheaper there.
  • Regardless of items going for half the price, still buy within your means. Tempting though it might be, "but this is on sale! I'll just add in another pair of socks, another dress, a trinket..." can all add up.
  • However, if you are very sure the dress on sale is the dress you want now, then get it! 

Now, go forth and enjoy summer lolita sale season! =)

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