Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lelong, lelong~!

lelong /lay-long, ˈleɪlɒŋ/ n. A Malay term. Sale by auction; to auction < Port. leilão auction, public sale; outcry; a sale at a discount, a cheap sale

It might very well be the first of its kind here in Singapore but yes, the local loli comm held a swap/sale meet last Saturday. I went along with some items of my own to swap and I ended up swapping one item and buying more things instead!

The swap/sale meet was held at an attic of a house (volunteered by one of the attendees) which gave it a rather fun and impromptu flea market feel to the whole affair. The quantity and quality of items brought for swapping really exceeded my expectations. Furthermore, prices, when it's a sale if a swap is not happening, were very reasonable.

Photos by Jasmine of Frivolous Indulgences

And the photos only showcase one portion of the entire attic space, which eventually, had lolita items of all shapes, sizes, inclinations, spilling over everywhere.

Personally I like swap/sale meets as it's a chance to exchange or even buy items without going through the hassle of extra shipping costs and also not having to endure the waiting period while item is on the way. Plus what you see is what you get. And you also can try on the dresses to see if it fits before you decide to swap or buy. All gooooood~

As for me, here's my haul from the meet, hey-ho!

I absolutely adore that green stripy parasol! I swapped it for a Beth bag.
A hooded capelet for S$40
An ETC skirt for S$85

Space and logistics wise, holding a swap meet can be a little tricky. But as long as there are willing and non-fussy participants and an empty space to be found, why not! It can be a fun and enjoyable time for those who attend and as mentioned, all the advantages of a secondhand flea market of sorts or a mini Closet Child in action :)

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