Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Alice

Now, Annie Leibovitz did do an incredibly wonderful and gorgeous Alice in Wonderland shoot a few years for Vogue, haute couture style. It rears its head up every so often on egl forums when someone re-posts. Therefore, I shall not be highlighting that particular shoot for Weekly Alice. If you haven't seen the Vogue photo spread and would like to, click here

Instead, I'll like to draw your attention to this other photo by Annie Leibovitz (I have much love for the latter's photography!).

Not overtly Alice in Wonderland themed, no, but still this photo of Kirsten Dunst depicted as the doomed Marie Antoinette has that aura of otherworldliness, a stranger in a strange land, to it. And I daresay Miss Dunst herself has never looked more ethereal or lovelier in this little gem of a photo.

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