Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 10 Items / 7 Outfits Challenge!

Macaron Hearts issued a 10 items / 7 outfits challenge on her blog a few weeks ago. As I got home early from work today, I decided to give it a go and complete the challenge at one shot!

*which resulted in me being a sweaty puddle of goo at the end*

It was a bit of a mad rush for the last two outfits because my mum was on her way home and I didn't want her to look at me with one of her patented sideway glances and ask, 'why are you prancing around in the living room?'

And here are my chosen 10 items!
Item A: Offbrand pink cardigan
Item B: Meta blouse
Item C: Innocent World jsk
Item D: Mam cutsew
Item E: Wonder Rocket long sweater
Item F: Offbrand jacket
Item G: Liz Lisa hoodie
Item H: Meta Honey Picnic skirt
Item I: Offbrand pink boots
Item J: Yosuke shoes

I tried to choose my 10 items for as much wearable versatility as possible. Hence, the little black dress from Innocent World which ended up being used for 5 out of the 7 outfits, heh.

And now...the outfits!
(I might add, I'm not wearing any makeup whatsoever in my outfit photos as I didn't have time to apply!)

Outfit no. 1 - items A, C, I                             Outfit no. 2 - items C, B, J

Outfit no. 3 - items C, F, J                            Outfit no. 4 - items C, E, I

Outfit no. 5 - Items C, G, I                           Outfit no. 6 - items D, G, H, I

Outfit no. 7 - items A, D, H, I

WHEW! Ok, due to lack of time, I cheated a little and took the easy way out for outfits 6 and 7 by not changing the shoes, draping a different outer and just tucking out the Mam cutsew!

Sadly, I think my outfits aren't very imaginative in the least. I'm probably what one would call a 'safe' lolita in action, lol.

Quick notes on the outfits:

Outfits no. 6 and 7 aren't what I usually wear for my lolita style actually but it was fun to try and think of different ways to match the Meta Honey Picnic skirt with my chosen 10 items.

Outfit no. 3 is my version of merging work wear and loli, ahaha~

Outfit no. 1, 4, 5 is really more for casual loli

Outfit no. 2 is...erm...librarian loli?!


  1. yaaaay good job shushu! this has inspired me to post mine sooooon :D

  2. Feli>> I'm not very satisfied with outfit 6 though, lol. Too similar to outfit 7! But lack of time so had to rush! Should I re-do it?!