Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Alice

Oh dear, Weekly Alice seems to have become an As and When Weekly Alice, lol! I'm truly very sorry about this and I'll try to have more regular weekly posts.

For this week's spotlight on Alice, it's the 2009 miniseries 'Alice' which is a reimaging of the story and was broadcast on the Syfy Channel.

I've always rather liked exploring reimagings of classic tales. Syfy's Alice is set 150 years after the original Alice's visit. Though still clad in a blue frock, the Alice of this series is a cynical 21 year old karate instructor on a quest to rescue her missing boyfriend, so this isn't exactly your the traditional wide-eyed young waif who fell through a rabbit's hole in Victorian times.

Wonderland itself, 150 years later, has drastically morphed into a dysfunctional dystopia where the villainous Queen of Hearts has been kidnapping people from the real world into Wonderland and harvesting their emotions to package a much sought after drug.

Besides the butt-kicking adult Alice, the Mad Hatter has evolved into a scruffy, leather-jacket wearing, cool-cat hipster who helps Alice in retrieving her boyfriend. And maybe this series is where the recent rash of Alice/Hatter romances stems from! As the story progresses, Alice starts to realise that her lost love may not exactly be the right one for her...

The ending of the series is somewhat predictable but it's still a pretty nifty show with surprisingly excellent CGI effects. I highly recommend it for Alice-philes who might like modern retellings of their favourite classic tale and even for lolitas who aren't into Alice.

The complete DVD set is available on Amazon.

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