Monday, March 7, 2011

Jogging woes, dieting and how it relates to lolita?

WARNING: Some preachiness might be dead ahead.

I used to jog regularly but has since slacked off to a non-existent exercise regime lifestyle.

In a bid for a healthier body, I decided to start it up again and dug out all the old jogging gear (which mainly only consists of t-shirt, shorts and running shoes) yesterday, was about to change when I realised the soles of both my running shoes were flapping open and I was cramping slightly. The fates conspire against me?!

My recent jogging woes aside, threads on dieting or exercising or both to fit into brand dresses do pop up now and then and which always interests me for the different perspectives shown by the commenters.

While it's my dream to fit into that Size 0 Victorian Maiden dress that I've been coveting forever, realistically speaking, I'm too fond of my pasta and chocolates to ever have that dream realised. I'm just not that dedicated enough!

Furthermore, I'm not a supporter of dieting or exercising to try and fit into that one dress that is 2-3 sizes smaller. I don't think it's wrong, of course, as long as the other party does the dieting/exercising within reasonable boundaries. But I personally feel no dress is worth it. There will always be other just as beautiful dresses in your size and which you will be comfortable wearing it as well.

If one was exercising or dieting for one's health and to stay healthy and happy, then definitely! That is important and a damn good reason because it's your own future well-being that you're investing in.

If you're already healthy but just that you can't fit into one dress that is a few sizes smaller, and so you decide to diet. And alright, let's say you do succeed in losing weight and fit into that smaller dress, good for you. Then what if the next to-die-for dress that comes along is two sizes smaller now? Hence, you start dieting religiously again since you did it once before, why not just continue doing so?

When one starts dieting/exercising to be skinny enough to fit into a smaller-sized dress, when does it stop? Can you stop if you've already succeeded once and the heady victory has overwhelmed you? That, I think, is a very real danger, especially in our image obsessed society where the current beauty body standards are still that of a Size 0 model on a Milan runway. Where even online clothing shops elongate photos of their models to make them look taller, skinnier.

And I do know some young women who are already slender, well-proportioned with 25-28" waists, healthy enough, and yet, they still agonize and think they're too fat and they must get skinnier, slimmer, thinner, lighter, eat less, go on even more rigorous dieting and punishing exercise regimes. Being their friend, frankly, I do sometimes want to smack them for it, lol! Smack and yell, you're perfectly alright, you don't need to lose any more weight!

I would start exercising again and eat better for the reasons that I'm not getting any younger. Already, I can feel that my body isn't as healthy as it should be, as it could be. I don't want to have an old age where I'm bed-ridden with full of mysterious aches and pains or have a stroke at 45 and THEN be bed-ridden (this is one of my worst nightmares of ageism).

Exercise! Eat right! But do try to do it for the right reasons and motivations.

And I'm buying new running shoes this week.

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