Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Halloween Photoshoot - Cautionary Tales

For those who have already seen the post on egl, I apologise because you will be seeing the photos yet again! I wanted to do a post on Halloween itself but haha, I didn't manage to.

Presenting a guro-loli shoot that I did in honor of Halloween! Never done a guro-loli shoot before so the experience was interesting. I really love bright, vibrant colours for my photos and that preference shows in my post-editing, so it was a challenge to try a different kind of editing for this set of photos instead. I'm never sure about the end results but here you go!

Much love to my models, Alanna and Feli, who braved the heavy rains and mosquitoes on the day of the shoot! Alanna came up with the original concept of guro fairytales and we decided on Cinderella and Red Riding Hood. Finding fake blood and miscellanous props was rather last minute (oh who am I kidding?! VERY last minute, lol) but ah, the satisfaction of finding clear bling heels for Cinderella in Chinatown for a steal and at the eleventh hour makes me feel quite accomplished, heh.

Cautionery Tales - Cinderella

We all know Cinderella's story. How her fairy-godmother bequeathed a gown, a new hairstyle and glass slippers unto her so that she can attend the ball, marry the prince and live happily ever after.

But while the fairy-godmother told Cinderella to heed the stroke of midnight, as the coach will turn back into a pumpkin, her fine dress into rags, she neglected to mention that glass slippers would break.

Cautionery Tales - Red Riding Hood

Not a lot of folks know this but the 'Red' in Red Riding Hood's name wasn't always there. She was just, well, Riding Hood.

So how did the 'Red' end up in her name? It began when she went to visit Grandmama one day and a big, bad wolf followed her into the woods...

And I can never resist the headshots!


  1. How eerie yet lovely at the same time! I like the guro make up! The capelet "Red" wears is too cute, well, before the blood.

  2. @クリス Thanks! The guro makeup was inspired by a makeup tutorial from the latest Kera magazine actually! As for the capelet, well, that's how Riding Hood becomes Red ;D

  3. These are lovely! The last full photo is really gorgeous. Well done!

  4. @Miss Lumpy Thank you =D Glad you like them!

  5. this are very cool pictures! but to be honest: i thought of something else when i heard the words 'guro' and 'cinderella'.
    in the original story by the grimm brothers (not really the original, but the first version that was published) cinderella's step sisters try to get the prince and chop off ther heel an toe to fit into the shoe. the doves are the first to notice that when they see the blood dripping out of the shoe. in the end all of them are punished by the birds that pick out there eyes. that would be even more guro.
    i still like your post, but i thought you might be interested, (or did you already know?)

  6. @tiny princess Thanks for your comment =)) I do know about the original fairytales actually, heh, they really were a lot darker in nature and not meant for children. Like Beauty and the Beast, if one thinks about it, there's themes like Stockholm Syndrome prevalent throughout! But thanks for bringing this up again, it's always interesting to see others' views on the original fairytales.