Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Metamorphose Autumn Lucky Pack!

It's kinda scary how much of a hold Meta's Lucky Packs have on me. I managed to resist the previous one, the summer LP, because of the then impending trip to UK but ever since the Honey Picnic LPs came out last year, I think I've practically bought one each time Meta has one.

For the Autumn Lucky Pack, there were three possible packs you could get this time. And here's what I received:

 Raschel lace dress in white and the Fruit Soda tote-bag which is really roomy and pretty!

 I'm meh about the bloomers. I would rather have another pair of socks along with the Melody Poodle ones I got.

 And here's the cutsew I received. It's cute but so not me and it won't fit me either. There's hardly any give to the cutsew at all. So, Alanna of Macaron Hearts who also bought an Autumn Lucky Pack, exchanged the cream bolero she got in her pack for it. 

Default cream bolero received!

On first sight, I have to admit, the pack I got looks quite lacklustre and the colour combination is rather odd, to say the least. A white dress with black everything else?? Really, Meta??

Still, I really do like the raschel lace OP though, it was actually something I wanted to get for my pack when ordering, and I did get it! The secret raschel lace lover in me comes out here with a vengence. And I've tried the OP on and it fits nicely so that's a definite yey.

But the OP did feel fragile and delicate as I was trying it on, to the extent that I was quite scared that tugging the dress into place would rip the lace. Thankfully, nothing tore but I can see I will need to be quite careful when wearing the OP out.

So I'm keeping the OP, the bag, the bolero and everything else must go, lol. The bloomers have already been sold off so if anyone is interested in the Melody Poodle socks, let me know!

After reviewing the latest pack, I can only conclude my love/hate relationship with Metamorphose LPs will still continue...darn it!

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