Monday, April 11, 2011

Let them eat cake! Or bread pudding's good too

When one looks up on online explanations of what Gothic Lolita fashion is, there always seems to be this one throwaway line which gravely announces that the fashion is influenced and inspired by the Rococo/Baroque period with its connotations of lavish, decadent gowns, stately French mansions, Marie Antoinette and the immortalised phrase of 'let them eat cake' (but this little gem of a flippant quote is supposedly hearsay) from Sophia Coppola's candypop coloured film.

 The fabulous courtesan, Madame de Pompadour, modeling the iconic look of a Rococo gown in her day.

Although I think most lolita dresses only really possess a small facet of a typical Rococo gown or even none at all. So when brands really does do a truly Rococo inspired dress, I immediately stand up and take notice.

The latest being Innocent World's Victorica Dress

It's called Victorica, alluding to Victorian?, but one can see its heavy Rococo influences. The characteristic half-sleeves, ribboned bodice and what I term as the 'curtained' skirt, all screams Rococo to me.

At one time or another, brands would come up with their versions of a Rococo lolita dress. My opinion is Juliette et Justine does it the most often and accompanied by very exotic sounding French terms.
Juliette et Justine's crème sucrée et fleur set.

And some examples of truly Rococo inspired dresses from other brands

Top: Metamorphose, Bottom left: Metamorphose, Bottom right: Innocent World

And lastly, this breathtaking recreation of a Rococo gown that works beautifully as a gothic lolita inspired Rococo dress as well.

Photo from Viona Art


  1. I often wonder why there aren't many more Rococo inspired outfits in Lolita, they're gorgeous and they're my absolute favorites. It's by far the design I love most in all of Lolita styles, those frilly half sleeves, the Curtain skirt, the bodice.. My ultimate dream dress is one of those, by Mary Magdalene -
    Also the Victorica dress by IW is one that gave me a heart attack, I would've bought it right away if it wasn't so expensive :)

  2. I do love Rococo be it the art, furniture, or the fashion; so when I see a heavily influenced brand dress my heart sings <3 Unfortunately...I'm so picky about dresses that I have yet to find one that makes me want to buy it :\

  3. i love Rococo furniture, and if I could, I would have my room all decked out!! I like roroco inspired dresses but I think they are more harder to pull off! especially with the 3/4 sleeves ; o ;

  4. Hanabira Keiko>> Yes, it'll be lovely if brands would do more actual Rococo inspired dresses! And that MM dress is gorgeous, I can see why it's your dream dress =D

    クリス>> Keep hoping, keep looking! I'm sure one will turn up that will make you throw down a ginormous sum and get it on the spot ;)

    Ria Spiral>> A Rococo inspired room would be incredible and decadent, lol~ I agree with you! I have one of those Rococo inspired dresses I listed in my entry and I still can't find something suitable to match it.

  5. The IW OP is actually from the collaboration with the anime series Gosick, where the main character is named Victorique (pronounced as Victorika in katakana). Hence the naming of the dress as such. :3

    Rococo-inspired loli dresses are always so nice to look at but I can't imagine myself wearing them at all! They are so...... frilly and lacy, as ironic as that sounds, considering that I'm a loli too, hahaha.

  6. Jasmine>> Ah! No wonder! I've been meaning to watch Gosick the anime and you just reminded me again, lol~ Yah, I hear you about Rococo dresses, they're pretty to look at but very hard to carry off!