Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ye or Nay - Rococo Part II

And just as I posted an earlier blog entry about truly Rococo inspired lolita dresses, Baby the Stars Shine Bright released a series of Rococo inspired lolita dresses.

Right: 92400yen     Middle: 92400yen    Left: 126000yen

Yes, those are the selling prices of these  soon to be reservable Rococo inspired dresses on Btssb. 

Worth that much? Not to me, no. Are they overpriced? To me, yes.

They're being marketed as wedding dresses and probably somewhat explains the astronomical price-tags involved. The thought of paying roughly US$1500 for a gothic lolita dress, wedding or not, makes my mind boggle...even after watching that many episodes of 'Say Yes to the Dress' (guilty pleasures!) on cable and seeing how an average wedding dress at Kleinfeld's would cost roughly that amount. But the fact remains that no matter how we love our gothic lolita brands, we can't escape the fact that a lot of them are over-priced or over-hyped and these Baby wedding rococo dresses are one of those instances for me.

Some folks on the EGL comm have commented that these dresses are ugly as sin. I think the left and right ones aren't too bad but the middle one...I'm almost embarrassed to say I'm strangely attracted to it the way Borat Sagdiyev fascinated thousands in his lime-green thong swimming suit.


  1. I'm totally in love with the blue one. In the runway show Baby put the models wearing those and they looked amazing, specially the middle one *_* but such a huge amount of money.. it makes them collectors Items! I wish I could get married in that blue one xD

  2. I'm completely in love with the middle dress- it's incredibly, stupidly Georgiana Cavendish to me. Unfortunately, I have no use for a wedding dress or even a really expensive fancy dress.

    It's sad to think that they'll be released only in the numbers limited to however many pre-order them, it'll be near impossible to find them after this.

  3. Hanabira Keiko>> I saw the runway show video and the dresses looked a lot better on a person and with some styling, lol~ Still, the price tags on the dresses really makes me take a step back *_*>> And not just near impossible to find but when one does find one, it'll probably be going for 3 times the original price.