Monday, April 4, 2011

I am an icicle on a snow-capped mountain

The weather here has turned horridly humid and the thought of piling on the lolita layers just makes me want to run screaming into the nearest aircon sheltered building. I really envy those who don't seem to feel the heat when in lolita because I do and very much so ><" Lolita is a lovely fashion but it can be inevitably very warm and scratchy to wear in tropical countries.

I tend to rash when I'm over-heated as I suffered from mild eczema as a kid and a rashy lolita is not attractive in the least, lol!

So here's some simple tips on how to stay relatively cool while still retaining the lolita aesthetics.

Wear a short-sleeve blouse under your preferred jsk

                           A cotton short-sleeve blouse can do wonders.

Try a bolero/cardigan instead

I myself am especially fond of Innocent World's short-sleeve ecru boleros. Not only are they breezy and light, IW make 'em in L size too.

Eschew a blouse, cardigan completely

Now, this is slightly trickier because not all lolita dresses can look good by themselves but there are quite a few that can.

A sleeveless dress that already has a collar can help make the outfit look less 'bare', while halter-necks are always good for that summertime style.

Pin your long tresses up!

It can compliment your overall look and also leave the neck cool.

Invest in a sturdy parasol

It provides shade from the sun if you have a need to venture outdoors and it can give your outfit just that extra touch.

Not a tip but a good sunblock is your friend under a harsh tropical sun


  1. Good tips for the upcoming summer. I'm so lucky I have been preparing for spring all winter and now will work on my winter outfits all summer ^^

  2. AngelShinigami> In Singapore, it's mostly summer all year round with occasional rainy seasons. So we have to be prepared for summer wear most of the time, lol. I'll love to experience wearing loli in winter for once!