Monday, January 3, 2011

All things Alice

I hesitate to call it an obsession as I CAN be discerning on what items or things to buy...but on the other hand, I know I am an Alice-phile in many ways (ah, denial in all its myriad forms).

I don't remember when I started liking Alice in Wonderland but I do know this liking was exacerbated when I played the game, American McGee's Alice, and got into gothic lolita fashion at around the same time. To an extent, Alice in Wonderland and lolita fashion is firmly intertwined for me. Lolita fashion may not have started out being influenced by Alice but it can't be argued that it isn't heavily associated with now, what with the Gothic Lolita Bibles doing semi-regular Alice fashion editorials and even Disney starting a range of gothic lolita Alice items to be sold in-store in February! Macaron Hearts did a recent post on the last event if you would like to know more about it.

As for me, I do enjoy it when brands come up with Alice prints but I absolutely love accessories with Alice motifs more often than not. Lately though, this seems to be extended to....scotch-tape of all things =X

Behold what I discovered in Daiso the other day and couldn't resist buying:

I don't know exactly what I plan to do with these tapes, in 3 colours no less, but I'll think of something...


  1. Oh, I'm sure you can find a bazillion things to do with tape.... :D
    Can decor things! Besides the obvious of taping things down, lol.

  2. But I'm also a bit reluctant to use the tapes! Cause they're so nice and pretty in their plastic packaging, lol.

  3. Sometimes the packaging is so nice that we just wanna leave it as it is and just admire...

  4. I know right! lol! Breaking the item out of the packaging seems like such a shame~