Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weekly Alice

I'll like to start a regular blog post every week highlighting a particular Alice in Wonderland shot that grabs me or a gothic lolita item relating to Alice. Right. Way to tone down that small little Alice obsession I mentioned in an earlier post.  On the other hand, starting a Weekly Alice, as I term it, would give me something to post when I finally run out of things to write about.

To kick off this week's Weekly Alice, I stumbled across this themed shoot based on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland film. Nothing too out of the ordinary as the movie set off a renewed all things Alice craze for a time but what stood out for me is that this shoot is actually done for an engagement! How cool is that? Very, in my opinion. I love it when couples do out-of-the-box engagement shoots and when paired with an Alice theme, great photography and compositions, it's all good.

There's so many shots in this engagement shoot that I really like but I can't put them all up, lol. The photographer has a blog post about the shoot plus more photos here. And the bride-to-be seems to be wearing a lolita pinafore jsk as well although I can't quite place where it's from!

A small little thing: I do wish she wore a cute lolita blouse instead of the cap sleeve t-shirt although she looks lovely still.

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