Monday, January 10, 2011

Big, blonde and beautiful

I'm not blonde by the way ^^

A few years back, I went into a local boutique (non-loli) and started browsing among the racks. The shopgirl sauntered over and asked me perfunctorily if I'm looking for anything in particular. I picked out a dress and asked her if there was a Size L for this.

She glanced at the dress and said no. Then she added, 'actually, there's nothing in this shop you can fit in.'

I was so taken-aback that I just put the dress back and walked out. Few months later, I could laugh about it as I likened my experience as reminiscent to that famous scene of Julia Robert's character trying to buy a cocktail dress at Rodeo Drive, in 'Pretty Woman', and being snubbed at by the snooty shopgirl.

But oh, it stung like a bitch when it just happened! I'm a US Size 12-14 now and a Size L - XL locally although a lot of clothes for Asians tend to run towards Size M even when it's labelled as Size L, I find.

Something similar happened in July 2010 when I was in Tokyo. I was shopping at the Harajuku branch of Closet Child when I spied a Juliette et Justine dress that was shirred around the waist. I know over-stretching tends to look fugly but I still wanted to give it a try as it's JetJ, one of my adored brands that I love to look at but knowing with a bittersweet taste, that I can't fit into most of their dresses.

So I brought it over to the counter to ask the shopgirl if I can try on the dress. She took the dress, looked at it, then looked at me and replied in Japanese. I don't understand much Japanese beyond 'kawaii!' but I got the geist of it. She was saying she doesn't think it's a good idea that I should try the JetJ dress on as she's afraid I would stretch it out too badly.

The Closet Child shopgirl wasn't snooty or mean, but she looked so troubled when I was asking her, lol! So I just mumbled it's ok and left the place.

In case there's a myth going around, there ARE plus-size lolitas in Japan. I've seen them when I'm there.

As for the JetJ dress that I wanted to try, it's this one, or similar, with shirring around the waist.
Pintucks own my soul.

It probably would have looked too fussy on my 159cm frame anyway, hur. But I was already planning to minimize any over-stretching of the dress shirring with belts or a bolero. Which I didn't get a chance to try...I don't blame the shopgirl at Closet Child, it was within her right as an employee of the store to safeguard any shop items as she deemed fit.

But again, oh how it stung then and there!

Maybe that's why Metamorphose is one of my favorite brands (besides their kooky hits and misses) is that their models look plump, possess middling height between 152-159cm and they do seem to recognise plus-size girls as a big part of their market.

Her eyes are somewhat scary but hello there, 152cm Meta model who doesn't have a waist size of 21"

I don't begrudge those who can fit into the less plus-size friendly brands and I focus my energies into finding lolita dresses that fit and is flattering and right for me instead. But sometimes, sometimes!, I do wish I can finally wear a JetJ or Mary Magdalene dress that has no shirring on it whatsoever without having to diet and live off cereal for a year.

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