Monday, January 24, 2011

To alter or not to alter: Hamlet didn't say

I recently managed to acquire the frill pinafore jsk from Metamorphose's Old Rose series. I had seen this jsk in-store last Sept when I was in Tokyo and had really liked the design with the spiralling Metamorphose logo then. When the chance came to get this jsk at a much lower price and brand-new, I naturally seized it with grabby, greedy hands~

On hindsight, perhaps I should also have seized the chance to try on the jsk when I was at the store then!

As the jsk had a panel of shirring behind its back, I had assumed I should be able to fit into it but oh I was wrong! On the first try, I was unable to zip it up completely and the problematic area in question was the chest area. The waist was fine but when it reached my bust area, the zipper stubbornly stayed stuck and there was a gap between the zipper teeth. Only after I wore my super-duper sports bra which effectively flattens my boobs by a few cm was I able to zip this gap close. While using this method to close the gap didn't really cause a uniboob effect, I am still facing the question of whether... send the jsk for alteration and taking out the shirring completely?

It is a relatively minor alteration and taking out the shirring from the jsk would, in all likelihood, allow me to fit into the jsk more comfortably.

There's been plenty of discussions on this subject on the EGL LJ forum. Up, down, sizeways and leftways. Attitudes, in general, are quite positive in this day and age when more fuller-figured and plus-size girls are into this fashion now. The main concern against altering brand would seem to be it's because some see their brand dresses as an investment and hence, the resale value would drop drastically once it's been altered. 

And yet, current positivity aside, I have not quite overcome this mental barrier of altering brand to fit better but this block only applies when it comes to myself! While there are brands that are catering to larger sizes now, anything beyond a Size L is pretty rare for them. Of course, this could be partly because, in the early days, gothic lolita brand designers probably did not expect this fashion to eventually gain a sizeable following outside of their own shore and their dress sizes would naturally cater to Japanese measurements.

Thus the idea that a medium height, petitely proportioned frame is the archetype ideal to wear gothic lolita in order to achieve the overall 'correct' look stuck and it's still might be a prevalent way of thinking for some. That the subject of altering brands rears its head up on the EGL forum now and then would indicate that, despite said positivity, there is still the underlying fear that to be seen altering brand is to commit an unforgiveable taboo.

One might argue that a certain conformity in gothic lolita fashion is a must as it is a particular look to be achieved and distinguished. And to achieve it, there must be a modicum of specificity and guidelines. However, in following this set of specificity, within the same reasoning, wouldn't altering brand dresses would therefore fall into the realm of apostasy??

Or perhaps I am thinking too much, lol! In the end, to alter or not, ultimately depends on the individual, as cliché sounding as that might sound.

And me? I think...I shall and will overcome that mental barrier and alter this Old Rose jsk from Metamorphose. I do feel that in gothic lolita fashion, yes, there should be some general specificity in order to be distinguished that I am wearing this particular fashion style. And I think too that one should also enjoy and be comfortable wearing the fashion and if the alteration does not drastically change the basic shape and feel, then do it and have fun doing it!

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