Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekly Alice

Just a quick post as I've been down with the flu lately and drugged up with antibiotics. Blocked nose and hacking cough, begone!

Almost every gothic lolita brand that is geared towards the sweet side, has probably come out with an Alice in Wonderland or related print before, one time or another. The prints can be anything from an original Alice rendition drawing or a re-print from John Tenniel's storybook illustrations.

Alice associated motifs such as spades, hearts or trumps can be popular as well. Most recent and notable being Angelic Pretty's Trump Carnival Card series.

At first sight, the print can look way too busy with rows of falling cards as well as sundry animals (I spy a rabbit there, hither and thither) and random alphabets to the eye. I do still think the print can be a bit overwhelming, around the bodice area especially, but the series does have two very vibrant blue and red colourways that help to negate the fussy print a lot.

Angelic Pretty demonstrates their suggested coordination for the jsk, which I feel, also geared towards the safe zone. Although I wouldn't necessarily go with stripes if I was trying to tone down the overall look but the striped stockings does have that extra 'Alice effect'. A hime cut hairstyle, the choice of black for the blouse, all helps to tone down the busy print while the Card Heart bag seals the deal, I would say!

Of course, one can always go the other extreme, going over the top instead of trying to dampen the overall look. Do the poofy hair, pile on the accessories and mis-matched stockings for example! It could look pretty fantastic if done right.


  1. I really like this print! It's a bit too bold for my style, but I can't wait to see how other people wear it.

  2. I'm interested to see how others coordinate it too! I think the print could look really gorgeous if someone with a flair takes it to an extreme ;)