Friday, January 7, 2011

I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky!

Ah, Lucky Packs! Blessings and banes in equal measures. The brand companies get to upload their unsold seasonal items away while buyers get to possess a potential full outfit at a fraction of the total price of whatever items the brands have selected to put inside. The risk being, of course, you might get a psychedelic print of a crazed looking black bear running through the woods, lunging at a pathetic deer with blood splattering artistically.

(But I exaggerate....maybe) 

Normally, I stay away from Lucky Packs as I have a fear of the unknown and because I have large boobs so the danger of getting things that I can't fit is like a bright red danger sign flapping luridly in the wind. I made an exception with Metamorphose though in Dec 2010 and ordered my first ever online LP. Reason being, with the C/L Honey Picnic LP set, I could actually SEE what I'm getting.

However, with my first online LP, I ended getting pink and I emo-ed awhile as I had prayed to the Meta LP gods that be, to not send me pink, please. I wanted the mint or lavender colour schemes. But I got pink. So I sold the pretty but sadly pink jsk away to an exotic far-away land.

The First Pack

Then Meta came out with a second Winter Lucky Pack a week later, packaged at 10000yen, and furthermore, stated the skirt that will come in this pack would be fully shirred. Hallelujah!! This is welcome news indeed, and more importantly, safe news, as it means there's at least one thing in the pack I should fit even if the rest doesn't.

After a week and a half of waiting after making payment, my second LP from Meta arrived today! I asked the postal service to deliver the pack to my workplace and I can't imagine what my receptionist's expression was when he received this pink, pink bag from the postman since it's obviously not official documents, hur. Nevertheless, he duely gave me a ring and I rushed down to collect it.

Oh joy!! After the disappointment with the C/L Honey Picnic LP, I was alternatively jumping like a fava bean on fire and scared to open it lest I be struck with depression once more.

So I opened a corner tentatively and then thought what the heck and ripped through the edge of the pack. The first thing that greeted my eyes was THIS:


I was so chuffed and darn amused due to the fact that I got Honey Picnic AGAIN! Oh, the irony, the irony!

Thank goodness it's a colour scheme that I like this time plus the waist is fully shirred too =D

Here's the rest of the items in my pack:

The Second Pack
The Honey Picnic skirt, a basic white blouse with a neck-sash thing, white bloomers, yellow printed socks, a necklace and finally, black sparkly Meta bag.

I'm really so much happier with this second pack I got. I don't know about the blouse though, it's long-sleeved and tropical weather here isn't too fond of that. I'll try it on first and ponder after.

Ah, Lucky Packs! I think I might just give you another chance this year-end, if only for the excitement of not knowing what one will get and then finding out what one is getting.

I was thinking, for folks who bought the C/L Honey Picnic LP and also this LP as well...what if they ended up getting a Honey Picnic skirt too?


  1. Cute! I hope one day I can buy one of them... are they expensive?

  2. Well, for different brands, lucky pack prices will vary. For Innocent World, their lucky packs were going for roughly 50000yen but then, their packs usually have a LOT of items inside.

    For Meta, their packs usually run to 10000-15000yen and you get a full outfit most likely.

    So a LP is worth it in the sense that the combined price of the items in one usually far exceed the price it's being sold for =)

  3. I like the second set :3 It is quite interesting how you could have gotten a honey picnic item in the pack XD

  4. It's fate! I thought it was so hilarious I ended up with honey picnic yet again, lol

  5. You got a super cute set! Plus it is pretty funny how you got Honey Picnic again haha. You also got the black bag which is great, loads of people who purchased the last LP got pink XD

    I also bought this LP and the Honey Picnic set lol... "orz

  6. Maybe this round of LPs, folks will get more of the black bags! Meta could have been hoarding them and then realised, damn, we need to give out more of these bags.

    Eh! I'm really interested to see what you got for the Winter LP~ It'll be...okay, rather tragically amusing if everyone got a honey picnic skirt too, lol.