Monday, January 31, 2011

Unintentionally casual lolita for a day

Nothing wrong with being casual lolita in my opinion! In fact, living in Singapore with its wacky weather and high humidity, casual lolita seems quite the logical choice to go with. However, I had actually intended to do a less casual look for the Black Alice tea party meet held last Saturday.

Jsk: Meta
Cardigan: Viola
Shoes: Sale wedges at S$9.90, bought on the day
And why, yes, that's Spotlight to the left of me
(Photo by Ivory)

So why I ended up wearing wedges was because I just could not locate my only pair of white loliable shoes on the day of the meet. I was going to wear off-white socks plus those damn shoes with this coordi but since the aforementioned cursed objects decided to get themselves missing to goodness knows where, I thought of quickly going to the shopping mall where the meet was being held and get myself a new pair of white shoes.

But you know what? Plaza Singapura, the mall in question, with its total number of 4 shoe shops, does not possess any white, off-white, passably loli-able covered shoes at all. No bows, no straps, no ribbons, no Mary-Janes, no nothing. Sandals yes, pointy toes yes, wedges yes, 6" stiletto heels yes. Everything else, no.

In the end, after wandering like a lost soul for roughly an hour and already terribly late for the meet, I decided to get these pair of blue wedges I saw. Dealbreaker? They were on sale for $9.90

Conclusion being: Never look for loli shoes at the very last hour.

The wedges do go very well with the Meta jsk surprisingly, being almost the same shade of blue! For an unintentional casual outfit, I guess it's not too bad? But it just wasn't the coordi that I was planning for originally, lol.


  1. SG is a terribly sad place to look for loliable shoes, especially in white, unfortunately. ;~; I'm still looking for a pair myself!

    Or two, actually. One for sweet and one for gothic (good luck, self). Maybe we can order SS shoes from Clobba or maybe look for loliable stuff on Taobao?

  2. Yes, white loli-able shoes here are like trying to find a needle in a haystack, a darn big haystack! >_<"

    I don't mind a group order from Clobba or Taobao! We're doomed, so many things we want, lol

  3. I guess I happen to be rather lucky with shoes. I live in the UK and about twenty minutes away, there is a shopping-"plaza" area with about 8 stores {tiny!} but the one place - Brantano's - had the most adorable mary-jane-esque shoes! And they do little girl shoes up to size 1 {UK Adult}... however, I happen to be a size 4. :< They have a great line though... none match Demonia or Bodyline, but work if you need to hurry! {But are more expensive than BodyLine with low-heeled Mary-Jane's at about £40...}

  4. @KristyAvery>>

    Cute Mary-Janes are definitely in a deficit here in my local area! Although the shoe dept is looking slightly better right now, some pretty shoes and boots actually in some shops. Maybe it's for the Christmas season! lol. I actually had a pair of Demonia shoes that I ordered online a few years back! They were very pretty but oh so painful to wear as the heels were insanely high.